According to IICRC, to properly clean tile and grout, you need a truck mount that can clean 1000 – 1500 psi. A survey done in the cleaning industry stated that the average truck mount can’t do over 900 psi. At PurElements Carpet Cleaning Specialist, we use the top rated truck mounted system, a Prochem Everest that can do over 2000 psi.

But we don’t stop there, we first pre-spray your tile at full strength (non-diluted), as recommended because most people do not clean their tile on the recommended schedule of once a year.

Second, we use a grout brush to break down the top layer of dirt. Then we allow it to sit to break down the dirt and grime even more. We then come in with the truck mounted hot water extraction unit at 1500 psi to get your tile sparkling clean.

In my opinion, tile has the biggest wow factor of all the cleaning services.

Optional, if you choose to do the sealant, we apply it last, which will help to improve the life of your tile and is highly recommended. 

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