Hot water extraction is the best method at removing urine because it is the only method that uses hot water.

The cleaning agents are important, but what is truly important is the hot water. The average truck heats water to only 190 degrees, but at PurElements Carpet Cleaning Specialist, our truck mounts can reach up to 250 degrees, which makes us 9 times stronger at removing urine.

Unfortunately, in some cases, it is not enough. You may need to add on other services, like a topical treatment. Topical treatment is a pre-spray that is sprayed down in a two-step process. The 1st step is an enzyme that breaks down the bacteria that cause the odor. The 2nd part breaks down the metallic salt, which is highly overlooked by most companies, but is the most important part at removing urine.

This product is clinically proven at removing 99% of urine as long as the product can touch the source.

For those who have an extreme situation – urine in the pad and sub-floor, you would need to do a full pet treatment.

A full pet treatment is where we pull up the carpet and remove the infected pad, treat the back of the carpet, the sub-floor, put new pad down and re-lay the carpet back down. Since all layers are taken care of, this process is 100% guaranteed.

This process runs around $300 per area to do.

So which option is best for you? The best situation is to call in and speak with a professional so they can guide you to the right solution, but general rule of thumb: if you know there is urine and there is no smell, the basic clean should work just fine. If you know there is urine and there is a smell, the topical is the best choice. If you know there is urine and there is an ammonia smell, the full treatment is usually the best option.

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