Did  you know that majority of carpet repair professionals are not certified if carpet repairs  

Here at PurElements Carpet Cleaning Specialist, we offer many different types of carpet repair service. We are IICRC Certified in carpet repair, so you can have confidence in knowing that your carpet repair will be done correctly and efficiently.

Some repairs are overlooked and people tend to think they can’t be repaired. Things like tears, wrinkles, rips, holes, spots and permanent damage. Another assumption made is that the repair will be noticeable and will not last. However, most issues are fixable and in practically all situations, repairs are stronger than the original carpet. 

If you have a hole or bleach/dye spot that you have been wanting to get rid of, call PurElements Carpet Cleaning Specialist and we can do a bonded insert to fix this issue. **Extra carpet will be needed to have this done. Another option is to have the carpet re-dyed.

If you have wrinkled carpet, we can come out and stretch the carpet with our power stretcher and remove those unsightly wrinkles.

Is your carpet frayed? We can always perform a re-tufting procedure and fix that right up.

Need to replace or have missing tack strip, we can re-apply new tack strip to any surface.

Please note that all repairs are different, therefore, quoted pricing cannot be done online. Please call in, and talk to a professional to get an idea of pricing.



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Do you know:

The longer you wait to have your carpet repair it is more likely to have permanent damage that cannot be fixed.

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