At PurElements Carpet Cleaning Specialists, we’re here to serve you. Whether it’s your carpet, tile, upholstery, rugs or numerous other related areas, our professionals are always on hand to provide the highest quality cleaning services available in Lehi and other parts of Utah.

Perhaps our most commonly requested service is carpet cleaning. Regardless of if you’re dealing with small spills and spots or large-scale dirt accumulation, we have both the technology and expertise to keep things clean and organized so you don’t have any concerns moving forward.

Carpets and Dirt

Some home and building owners can quickly forget it, but it’s important to remember that carpet is a form of fabric just like any other. Yet compared to most other kinds of fabric, it undergoes far more wear and tear and is exposed to significantly more dirt and other cleanliness risks.

This simple reality means that not only is carpet cleaning a vital necessity for the aesthetic benefit of your space, it’s also very important from a health standpoint. The US Environmental Protection Agency recommends cleaning carpets professionally at least every one or two years to maintain indoor air quality and cleanliness, and more often if the carpet is highly used – and this is the case even if the carpet doesn’t appear dirty. In fact, the best time to clean carpets is before they begin showing visible dirt accumulation.

Of course, in cases where more specific dirt or stains are present, we’re here to help as well. Things like soil from the garden, oil from the driveway (or other types of oil from the kitchen), or numerous cooking- and food-related spills can all impact the way your carpet looks, and we can help return your materials to their previous good-as-new state no matter what your issue is.

High-Quality Cleaners

At PurElements, we use only the highest quality cleaning materials and equipment on your carpets. Our technicians are all properly licensed and certified, plus well-trained on our six-step cleaning process that lifts dirt from the carpet and keeps it away.

Not only are we committed to keeping your carpets looking like new, we’re also dedicated to doing this in an environmentally friendly way. All our processes are sustainable in nature, plus completely safe for all the occupants of a home or building.

What Sets Us Apart

Like many of our competitors, we use the latest in steam cleaning and other technologies to help clean your carpets. Unlike them, however, we will absolutely never settle for less than a 100 percent completed job – even if that means well exceeding our initial quotes or time blocks. Our professionals take personal pride in every job they complete, and that will show through in the work they perform for you.

For more on any of our carpet cleaning services in Lehi and the surrounding areas, call the pros at PurElements Carpet Cleaning Specialists today to set up an appointment.

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