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Carpet Cleaning

Air ducts

It is recommended to have your air ducts cleaned once a year. If not done properly, dust builds up easier and more often in your home creating an unhealthy environment.

Cold Air Return

Cold air returns are an important part of allowing the air in your house to flow correctly. This is why it is recommended to have them cleaned out once a year. Think of your cold air return as a dirt collector and the dirt continues to collect over time until it is properly cleaned out. How long has it been since yours has been cleaned?

Electric Static Air Filter

In most situations, people are replacing their air filters every 3-6 months. This is an ongoing cost. A survey done by Home Depot states that the average consumer spends $60 a year on replaceable filters. This wouldn't be bad if they actually worked, but unfortunately, one of two things happen: the cheaper route allows great air flow, but does not filter correctly. The other route is your high end filters that filter, but kill your airflow causing your furnace and ac units to work harder than necessary. Electric static filters allows you to have better filtering and better air flow than any replacement filter. With a one time cost, you will be saving money within 2 years.

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