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Question 1: Why are there just some stains that won't come out of my carpet?

Question 2: What are wear patterns?

Question 3: What's the difference between PurElements and other companies?

Question 4: How long does carpet usually take to dry?

Question 5: How long should I wait before getting my carpets cleaned?

Question 6: What's carpet protectant?

Question 7: When and why should I get my air ducts cleaned?

Question 8: How long should I wait to get my tile cleaned?

Question 9: How does PurElements get urine out of carpet?

Unfortunately it is impossible to get 100% of all stains out all the time using conventional carpet cleaning methods. As carpet gets older and more worn down it also becomes more absorbent and suspectible to permanent staining. Some things that can cause permanent stains are:

- Permanent Markers - Hair Dye
- Toner/ Ink - Paint
- Acid Stains(from food/drink) - Plant Stains
- Furniture Stains - Bleach stains
- Some Urine stains - Burns

Because carpet can be extremely vulnerable to permanent stains we usually recommend protecting your carpets. Our company can actually perform that service for you so that next time you get your carpets cleaned there won't be as many permanent stains. Although, unfortunately it does cost a little bit more to get your carpets protected we find most of our customers are glad they made the investment.

We understand some people have had bad experiences with carpet protection and this is usually because the cleaning company did not apply it correctly. In some cases, the cleaning company may not even have applied the protection. Some cleaning companies just spray water on your carpet and claim that it's "protection"! At PurElements we apply carpet protection the right way, because we're planning on seeing you again when we come back next year.

If there are stains that refuse to come out of your carpet using conventional steam cleaning methods, PurElements does have a couple other methods for getting stains out such as patches, heavy spot treatments, etc... We'll do whatever's necessary to get the job done and make sure our customers are absolutely 100% satisfied!

If you have carpet you've probably noticed in your highest areas of traffic where the carpet has been visibly worn down. Because you're carpet is exposed to a huge amount of friction(i.e.-the people who walk around it all year) your carpet will eventually begin to wear down. This physical damage to your carpet will affect the coloring of the carpet, most noticeably it will cause the original color of the carpet to fade and turn brown or gray. The similiar look of dirt and wear patterns is so uncanny that sometimes they are often confused. After your carpets are cleaned you may notice these wear patterns even more then before because the dirt that was evenly spread across your carpet has been removed.

Unfortunately there is nothing that can reverse the existence of wear patterns.
There are a couple things, however, that you can do to prevent the occurence of wear patterns:

#1.) No shoes on carpet! Shoes cause more friction and wear down carpet faster than socks or bare feet.

#2.) Vacuum regularly. Vacuuming your carpets at least 2-3 times every week will help remove the gritty particles of sand and dirt that get rubbed around your carpet like sandpaper.

#3.) Have your carpets professionally cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, if you don't have professional cleaning equipment you'll never be able to remove 100% of the dirt and sand from your carpet. PurElements, however, can guarantee the removal of every single piece of dirt and sand that threatens to cause physical damage to your carpet.How often should you have your carpets cleaned? For more on that please consult the corresponding question above in the faq menu.

#4.) Have your carpets protected when they are professionally cleaned. Carpet protections makes it harder for deposits of sand, mud, and dirt to form on your carpet. Also carpet protection will help you remove more sand and dirt with your own vaccuum in between professional cleanings.

For more information on preventing wear patterns please ask your technician.

All carpet cleaning companies in Utah and Salt Lake County use similiar equipment because there's really only two places locally to get professional steam cleaning equipment. The main difference between PurElements and the other guys is our dedication to a higher standard of quality.

Whereas other companies may settle for getting 50% of the dirt and stains out of your carpet, that level of quality is simply not up to PurElement's standards. PurElements is not satisfied with anything less than 100% dirt removal and 100% satisfaction.

Think about it this way. Two restaurants may have the same exact kitchens and the same type of ingredients but the meals they produce could be completely different in quality depending on the amount of time and attention the chef takes to assure exceptional quality standards.

PurElement's technicians take pride in the work they perform and honestly care about making a difference in their customer's homes. Our technicians will do everything in their power to ensure that your carpets are absolutely clean, no exceptions.

This is the only question in this faq section that is actually unanswerable. All carpet dries at different rates depending on how old the carpet is, how absorbent the carpet is, the amount of moisture naturally occuring in the air, the level of airflow(crossbreeze)in the house, how heavily the technician how to clean the carpet and depending on which type of carpet it is.

Some types of carpet are more plastic and therefore are not as absorbent and dry faster. On the other hand, carpets made from fibers that are more like wool or nylon are more absorbent and take longer to dry. When your carpets are cleaned your technician will mostly likely be able to identify which type of carpet you have and can more accurately predict your specific carpet's dry time.

Typically, it takes between 2-8 hours for carpet to dry after being cleaned by PurElements.

Here are a couple of things you can do after a cleaning to help the drying process along:

#1.) If you have any fans of your own, we'd recommend placing them in the rooms that were cleaned. Be careful not to set any fans directly on drying carpet because the bottom of the fan may be dirty.

#2.) If it's possible to open your windows we highly recommend opening up as many as possible. If it looks like it's going to rain obviously you'll probably want to keep your windows shut for the most part.

#3.) Keep furniture off the carpet for as long as possible, to ensure that the path of evaporation is unobstructed.

#4.) If you want to keep the temperature of your house a little on the warm side that will also speed up the drying process.

Typically, you shouldn't wait longer than a year to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Your carpets may not look terrible after a single year, but that's the whole point. You want to maintain your carpets, not restore them. Waiting until your carpet is absolutely thrashed to have it cleaned drastically reduces the longevity of your carpets and some stains may not come out. Some types of carpet can last 30-40 years if they are just maintained properly.

If you have a large family or a lot of pets you definitely will want to get your carpets cleaned sooner than a year. If you have 4 kids and a dog you might want to get your carpet cleaned every 6 months. If you have 8 kids and 3 dogs, you may want to get your carpets cleaned every 3 months. If you have 12 kids and 6 dogs you may want to re-evaluate some of the life choices that lead you to this point.

Carpet Protection is a type of sealant treatment that is typically applied to carpet after a professional steam cleaning. This sealant treatment could be compared to Scotchguard, however PurElement's carpet protection treatment is much more powerful and longer-lasting. Carpet protection reduces the absorbency of your carpet, which means that when something is spilled on your carpet you'll have more time to wipe it away before it sets into the deeper parts of the carpet fibers.

Carpet protection also makes your carpets stay cleaner longer. Think about when it rains outside. Your children may come in the house with dirty water on their shoes. Without carpet protection this dirty water would immediately absorb into the carpet causing a sticky stain that is unremovable with any else than professional steam cleaning equipment. However, in the same situation, carpet that has been protected would not absorb the dirty water. The dirty water would then evaporate or form into a non-sticky dirt deposit that can be removed by a conventional household vaccumm cleaner.

Having your carpets regularly protected is like having the oil changed in your car. Unfortunately it is something that just has to been done in order to maintain the longevity of your property. Most carpet does come with protection when it is new, however, that protection typically begins to weaken after just a couple years. Even if your carpet is only 2-3 years old it could be suspectible to permanent stains if it's layer of protection is not regularly renewed.

Air duct cleaning is meant to remove the dust and debris from inside the air ducts that run in the subfloors, ceilings, and walls of your home. Your HVAC(Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system circulates air in your home while simultaneously controlling the temperature and quality of air that exists in your home. The air ducts in which that air is circulating naturally developes dust deposits.

If left uncleaned whenever you turn on the furnace in your home you will be literally blowing dust into the rooms of your home from the air ducts inside your walls. There may also be things in your air ducts that you don't know about such as moldy food, unwelcomed guests such as rats or birds, and garbage. Even if your home is new it is a good idea of get your air ducts cleaned, because construction crews often use a home's air duct system as their personal garbage disposal. You may have McDonald's bags of food, old cigarettes, or full cans of beer in your home's air ducts.

Typically, you'll want to have your air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. You also should be changing out or furnace filters once every couple of months. If you have any questions about where your furnace filter is or which types of filters do the best jobs it's best to consult with the PurElement technician who comes to your home.

It is recommended to have your tile cleaned once every 1-2 years. This is because most tile/grout sealants only last a couple of years. If the grout sealant has worn off on your tile then your grout could get permanent stains. Grout is extremely absorbent and can get permanent oil and grease stains. When oils and greases have penetrated the top layer of your grout and absorbed inside of your grout there is really nothing that can be done to reverse these stains.

It's also not a good idea to reseal your own grout unless it has first been professionally steam cleaned. If you seal dirty grout then your'e just sealing in all of the dirt and stains and make it impossible for those stains to be removed later.

PurElement's technicians are also experienced in cleaning the following stone surfaces:
- Granite
- Marble
- Limestone
- Travertine
- Ceramic Tile
- Slate
- Saltillio

If you have any question as to which type of stone surface you have in your home, your technician will be able to identify the surfaces in your home.

PurElements has mainly two methods of removing urine and it's odor from carpet. Depending on how extensive the damage to your carpet is your technician will recommend the method that he believes will be the most effective. The two main methods for removing urine are:
   1.) Topical Urine Treatment
   2.) Full Urine Treatement

Topical Treatment

PurElements' topical treatment is used in homes where urine damage is less extensive. If the urine has not penetrated into the backing of your carpet, the pad, or the subfloor then a topical treatment will remove and neutralize all of the chemical deposits left behind from urine. This option is much cheaper and much less invasive. Basically, all the technician has to do is apply a special type of pre-treatment to the carpet that neutralizes the urine. Then after a normal steam cleaning a second chemical is applied to completely kill all odor. For urine damage that has not absorbed deeper in the carpet this process will completely neutralize the problem, but if the urine is deeper in the carpet you will notice that spots go away and then in a week or two will come back.

Full Pet Treatment

For homes with heavy and extensive urine damage on their carpet a full pet treatment is the best course to pursue. A full pet treatment includes all of the following steps:
- Pulling the carpet back
- Removing all affected pad
- Treating the sub-floor
- Installing new pad
- Cleaning and treating the backing of the carpet
- Restretching the carpet back in place
- Treating and cleaning the top of the carpet
As you can see this full pet treatment process leaves no margin of error. With a full pet treatment 100% removal of all urine can be guaranteed. The price of a full pet treatment depends on how large the affected area is, how easily the carpet can be stretched back into place, the amount of chemical that will be needed, as well as the cost of new pad, so for pricing on a full pet treatment please consult your onsite technician.

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